History > 2020 Korea Maritime Week (2020 한국해사주간)

2020 KMW



April, 16~17

The Lotte Hotel, Seoul

2019 Korea Maritime Week

Voyage Together for Connecting the Future

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June, 26~28

26~27 June: The Plaza Hotel, Seoul

June 28: Hilton Hotel Busan

2018 Korea Maritime Week

Maritime Policy and Regulations in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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June, 27-30

Haeundae Grand Hotel, Busan

2017 Korea Maritime Week

Implementaton of MAROL Annex VI : Enforcement of the Global Sulphur Cap and Data Collection System

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December, 15-16

Paradise Hotel, Busan

The 10th International Maritime Forum

International Cooperation for the Implementation of the IMO Instruments

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May, 7

Haeundae Grand Hotel, Busan

The 9th Seoul International Maritime Forum

Maritime Safety Industry and Ocean Economy

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April, 23

Lotte Hotel, Seoul

The 8th Seoul International Maritime Forum

The Implementation of e-Navigation: from Concept to Reality

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October, 23-24

Haeundae Grand Hotel, Busan

The 7th Seoul International Maritime Forum

The 5th Global R&D Forum & Exhibition on BWM(10.23) e-Navigation Special Session

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October, 31

Kyoyuk Munhwa Hoekwan, Seoul

The 6th Seoul International Maritime Forum

The Future of the Green Ship

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September, 27-28

Imperial Palace Hotel, Seoul

The 5th Seoul International Maritime Forum

How to Effectively Cope with the Challenges of Piracy

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October, 14-15

Imperial Palace Hotel, Seoul

The 4th Seoul International Maritime Forum

Strategy for Climate Change in Maritime Sector

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June, 8

Lotte Hotel, Seoul

The 3rd Seoul International Maritime Forum

Prevention and Suppression of Acts of Piracy and
Armed Robbery against Ships

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May, 27-28

Hyatt Regency, Incheon

The 2th Seoul International Maritime Forum

Marine Pollution Prevention and Oil Spill Damage

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September, 6-7

Lotte Hotel World, Seoul

The 1st Seoul International Maritime Forum

The Wreck Removal Convention(WRC)

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